DMV Grassroots Hoops Basketball Academy is an Empowerment Zone,  dedicated to promoting victory through athletics, supplemented by educational resources and services.  The basketball center’s purpose is to strengthen student athletes on the court and in the classroom performance.  The mission of DMV Grassroots Hoops is to encourage. empower, and educate basketball players in DC/MD/VA.  DMV Grassroots Hoops. supports and promotes basketball development through coaching, academic, mentoring, motivational and mental preparation.


Boys Basketball Training

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Girls Basketball Training

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DMV Grassroots Hoops Basketball Academy

  DMV Grassroots Hoops Basketball Academy is for boys and girls in the 6th grade or above, who are serious about improving their basketball game. The teaching methods will allow players to take their games to new heights through our approach to fundamental skills teaching. The extra time players spend in the gym can help them attain their goals, whether it's to make the team, to develop more self-confidence or assertiveness on the court or to set themselves apart as the best player on the team or in their conference.  

Our instructors will work on improving the player's overall basketball efficiency through working on each and every aspect of the game of basketball. It's a proven fact that fundamentally sound players perform better and have increased versatility and value.  We offer Individual instruction (one-on-one), partner training (2 players) and small group training (3-5 players). 



Student Athlete Success

 First let me give thanks to Ms. Carla Dickerson and Coach Ron Winbush for assisting my son Mekhi Long gain acceptance into The University of Rhode Island.  Additionally, Mekhi received a four year scholarship to play Division 1 basketball at The University of Rhode Island.  Mekhi has been playing Basketball since he was 3 years old.  Needless to say, Mekhi spent countless hours in the gym getting ready for the moment he could play college basketball. I’m regretful to say the number of hours we spent in the gym, he didn’t spend in tutoring, studying, and preparing for the SAT. We knew he would qualify because of his GPA and was under the assumption he only needed what the NCAA sliding scale required. His school counselor thought the same.  We were wrong because I got a call from the assistant coach at URI informing me that Mekhi needed to increase his SAT by 100 points. This news was very devastating.  One day Coach Winbush called to check up on Mekhi and to congratulate him for accomplishing his goal. I kept it real with coach Winbush and explained Mekhi’s situation. His informed me that he knew someone that could help. That’s when the cavalry stepped in to help Mekhi increased his test score. I am proud to say that his score increased 120 points in eight weeks while he was still going to school, playing a very tough basketball schedule and tutoring.  Just imagine if Mekhi had begin preparing for college a year or two earlier. We will forever be grateful to Coach Winbush and Ms. Carla Dickerson the scholarship lady for their willingness to assist Mekhi to live out his dream!!!!!  Jermaine Long  


 Coach Winbush I would like to take a little of your time to thank you for an incredible confidence building experience that you have given to son, Savion Whitney.  Your coaching and constant encouragement gave him that level of being more confident in his ability to handle the ball as well as make his shots.  He constantly receives compliments on how well he handles the ball as a point guard, and his level of maturity as a basketball player and young man has been tremendous over the last several months.  Savion is more confident, a better student, a stronger team mate and serious about becoming a better basketball player because of your coaching.   There is not a day that Savion does not practice something that you have taught during a session.  We watch and see all the training that you put into him play out on the court during game time.   Words cannot express the joy that I have watching  Savion and knowing he is still a work in process but is already doing some amazing things and we owe that to you! 

The parents of Savion Christofer Whitney 


 My son loves the sport of basketball, but didn’t fully understand or appreciate the work ethic necessary to excel at the sport.  Then he began training with Coach Winbush and his love for the game blossomed and continues to illuminate years later.  Coach Winbush helped him to improve his basketball IQ in ways that have benefited my son on and off the court.  Coach not only taught my son about the sport-specifically, he translated basketball skills, the “heart” required of athletes, the necessary work ethic, and commitment to be successful to my young athlete.  His coaching technique is rock solid for building confidence “all around”.  Thank you, Coach Winbush, for all that you have poured into my now, Division 1 athlete.  He is ready and you had a lot to do with that!

Grateful for your efforts with my son, 

A Rising Star


Thanks to the Bright Star Youth Services (BSYS) group for scholarship and support they have shown me since I was a senior at Friendly High School in Fort Washington, MD. They were there when I received my scholarship to Stanford University my freshman year. Knowing that BSYS is behind the Grass Roots Hoop Group (GRHG) organization makes me feel good because I know Coach Ron Winbush has such great passion for basketball.  Though I played football, I was able to excel because of their support by way of the scholarship. And with their focus on the total student-athlete, I know the kids at this Hoop academy will benefit both athletically and academically.  

Alameen Murphy, 2014 BSYS scholarship recipient at Stanford University 


 Coach Ronald Winbush has been training my son for about two and half years.  I can truly say that the expertise and guidance that Coach Winbush provides through his basketball training and conditioning program have been excellent!  His program philosophy stresses basketball fundamentals and hard work.  Due in part to his training and conditioning exercises and positive motivation, my son has made remarkable progress.  I've seen drastic improvements in my son's basketball skills as well as his overall physical fitness.  His stamina, speed, agility and strength have increased greatly.  Furthermore, my son likes training with Coach Winbush, even though he can be tough and the training vigorous.  My investment in Coach Winbush's program has been well worth it, and I look forward to my son's continued training and development.

Marcus Doakes, Parent

Dynamic Training

 “I am continually impressed with Coach Winbush’s basketball training program and his dedication to the students as well as their families. After only a few weeks of training, I see the value added. Under  Coach Winbush’s direction, I’ve noticed marked growth in my son’s skill level, confidence, and leadership abilities both on and off the court. What I appreciate most is that in addition to providing general guidance and instruction, he also works with each child individually to assess and achieve their personal developmental goals.  
Coach Winbush offers a dynamic and comprehensive training program that’s both fun and challenging, while pushing each child to be their best. I would highly recommend his program for any student who is serious about taking their game to the next level. “

Marcia Kargbo



 Life has defining moments especially as a teenager when there are challenges that defy the vision

we have deep inside. When my son, Micah, met and began working with Coach Winbush, he

already had a trainer. But one thing he quickly realized: wisdom, compassion, experience,

relationships, and resources are a powerful combination. Coach Winbush has them all. From the

little 8-year-old that suffered emotional detachment at home to the elite, professional basketball

player that simply wants a chance to prove himself, Coach Winbush has the gift to mentor them

all. That’s what mentors are because the difference between coaching and mentoring is how

much someone cares. Coach and my son have been together for 2 years. Coach Winbush was

there when my son suffered rejection. Coach was there when Micah had to quickly step into new

territory and be tested at a new level. He was there when my son won MVP and the conference

championship. He is still here to help Micah make the college basketball transition. But perhaps

the most powerful thing is what a man does when he sees a gift and potential in other areas

beyond basketball. Coach didn’t just see Micah’s gift as a basketball player, he saw his academic

excellence, his character, and his potential. Coach actually found my son a success coach to

ignite next level thinking and mindset who will not only compliment my son but also bless

Coach’s personal mission to mentor this generation into maturity. The Lord sent Coach

Winbush to us at a critical and formative stage of transition in both our lives. Coach has always

been and continues to be the blessing my son and I needed; it is now our prayer that Christ’s

sowing and reaping blessing loop now returns to him. Vestinia Bridges  

We Partner with Brightstar youth services


Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement

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Our training program features core basketball patterns that have been created to accelerate individual development and on-court production, which leads to team success. 


Educational Support

Academic Achievement

Academic Achievement

 Brightstar Youth Services (BYS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides basic, intermediate and advanced educational support to Middle and High School students that lack the necessary math, reading and language skills for college entry.  


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Educational Success

Educational Success

 Using the most advanced educational tools and services we target students from Single Parent Family Homes, High School Drop outs and households with parents that lack the resources or education or ability to support their college bound students. 


Educational Success

Educational Success

Educational Success

 The aim of BYS is to provide children and students (ages 13 to 21) with quality educational and supplemental life skills services. These services support BYS’s  endeavor to prepare our youth for the entire college entry, post-secondary. or secondary experience. 

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